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What is ORCID?

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is an international identification for researchers. When ORCID is fully implemented, the intention is that researchers will be able to be connected with their publications through this ID.

Note that at present, the ORCID account is used only as an identifier in Prisma. There are no means of migrating information placed in the ORCID account to Prisma.

How do I create an ORCID?

You create an ORCID on the service website. It only takes a minute or so, and there are very few mandatory fields. Adding publications is optional. Some higher education institutions have a policy regarding ORCID. For this reason, please check if you have central registration for ORCID before registering independently.

Can I transfer publications that I have imported into ORCID to Prisma?

No, this is not possible. If you intend to apply for grants in Prisma, you should focus on adding your publications on My profile in Prisma, only publications and CV-information added to My profile may be used in the application.