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Operating information

Below you will find operating information about the Prisma application system.

Operating status

  • Security updates may cause minor disturbances

    Due to planned security updates, Prisma will be partly unavailable this weekend. The updates will take place on Saturday, 28 August, at 00:30-04:30 CEST and on Monday, 30 August, at 00:00-06:00 CEST.

Important information

  • Swamid has temporarily been disabled

    For technical reasons the login through Swamid in Prisma has been disabled from 23 August 2021 until further notice. Logging in using your user name (e-mail) and password works as usual. If you do not have a password, you can create one by clicking "Log in" and then "Forgot your password?".
  • Application form error encountered by some

    A few users have encountered error messages in the application form. If this happens to you, please contact the Prisma technical support for assistance. Go to the Contact page to create a support request.




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