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I have invited a participant who has accepted, but cannot see the application

There are a couple of possible causes for this issue. If the person you invite does not previously have an account in Prisma, a minimal account will be created when the person accepts. This account must be completed and activated before the person can start using Prisma.

The issue could also be that you have sent the invitation to an e-mail address different to the one the person has registered in Prisma. Some higher education institutions have several e-mail addresses connected to the same mailbox. It is important that the address you have sent the invitation to is an exact match to the one registered in Prisma

I am participating in an application and have made additions to my CV. Why can't the main applicant see this in the application?

Both participants and main applicants have to transfer their CV and publication details themselves from My Profile to the application. Only the information that you have transferred to the application will be visible to the project leader and attached to the application.

Go to the application draft in your profile and to the tabs CV and Publications. On the left, you will find a list of all the CV and Publication information that is registered on your profile and you can transfer items to the application by clicking Add.

What is the difference between a participating researcher and a participating administrator?

A participating researcher is a person who participates in the application with a CV and list of publications and who is expected to participate in the project if it is approved.

A participating administrator is a person who can help to fill in the application form, but who is not a part of the project. For both participating researchers and administrators, you can assign reading as well as editing rights, and they will then have the same rights.

Can several people work on an application at the same time?

Several people can work on an application if the project leader has assigned editing rights to a participating researcher or administrator. However, you cannot be logged in at the same time in the application, as Prisma will then issue a conflict alert. In this case, the project leader has priority and is always able to assume control over the application.

As the project leader, can I add the CV and publications for my participating researchers?

No, all participants for the application (project leader and participating researcher) must add their own CV and publications by themselves. No user can access another users CV or Publications.

Can a participating administrator add the project leader's CV and publications?

No, all participants for the application (project leader and participating researcher) must add their own CV and publications by themselves. No user can access another users CV or Publications.

Who can register the application?

Only the project leader can register the application if the applicant is a person and not an organisation. Neither participating administrators or researchers have access to register the application. This is because the terms and conditions for the application needs to be accepted during the registration and only the Project leader have this authority.

If the applicant is an organistation, an authorized representative for the organisation (Application supervisor or Organisation account supervisor) needs to register the application.