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Administrating organisation

Why don't I see my administrating organisation in the drop-down menu on the Administrating organisation page of the application form?

If your administrating organisation is not available in the drop-down menu on the Administrating organisation page of the application form, there are usually two possible reasons for this:

  • Your administrating organisation has not been approved in Prisma.
  • Your administrating organisation has not finalised their account.

In both these cases we recommend that you contact your administrating organisation for more information.

Why am I unable to select a project site for my administrating organisation?

The selections that are available for project site, alternatives and level (e.g. department/faculty) depend on how your administrating organisation has defined it's organisational structure in the organisation account. If you do not know what to select, please contact your administrating organisation.

My application has not been signed by the administrating organisation. Who should I contact?

The signing of the application only becomes available to the administrating organisation after the call for proposal deadline. For this reason, the application will not be signed by the administrating organisation even if you have registered it well in advance of the deadline. The administrating organisation normally have seven days to sign the application. If the deadline for signing your application has passed and your application has not been signed, please contact the person at your administrating organisation who is responsible for signing the application

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