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Why doesn't the system save my personal identity number (i.e. "personnummer")?

Please make sure that your personal identity number is entered in the correct format YYYYMMDD-XXXX. Please note that a Swedish citizenship is required to enter your personal identity number in Prisma. Hence, if you have a Swedish personal identity number ("personnummer"), but not a Swedish citizenship, you should add your birthdate (in the format YYYY-MM-DD) in Prisma instead of your personal identity number.

Why do I have to enter my gender?

Forte, Formas and the Swedish Research Council have a government mandate to report gender statistics for applications and approved grants. This means that we must collect this information.

Which PDF readers work with Prisma?

We recommend Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader version 7 and later for use of Prisma's PDF functions.

I have previously had grants approved by funding bodies in Prisma. Why don’t they automatically appear in my profile?

Once the conversion of content from legacy systems is completed, the idea is for approved grants to appear automatically under “Research grants awarded in competition” under My Profile. Until then, you will need to manually add the grants that you wish to include in your CV when making applications.

Why am I unable to add the number of months to my postdoctoral period?

You do not specify the number of months for your postdoctoral period yourself. The period is instead calculated automatically based on the start and end values you give.

Why can't I find my specific education under Basic education?

The choices for Basic Education in Prisma can't cover all possibilities, which is why there is a selection called "Other" at the bottom of the drop down menu which opens a text field where you can write a free text description of the degree that you wish to add.

Where can I add other relevant experience within education or work life?

Under Professional history you have the option to select "Other". Under Merits and awards, and Other merits, you also have the option to add merits that do not fit anywhere else in the Prisma CV.

The different sections of the CV are designed to reflect the demands for the required content listed by the financial institutes in the calls for proposals.

Which language should I write in?

Please note that information you enter in a text box will not be translated but transferred in the original language to the applicaiton form. Please consult the text of the call for language requirements.