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Ongoing grants

Which information about my ongoing grants is contained in Prisma?

After you have logged in to Prisma, on the page Applications and grants in the menu option Grants, you will find information on the ongoing grants you have from the Swedish Research Council, Forte and Formas.

During the spring of 2016, the Swedish Research Council and Forte transferred all ongoing grants from the old application systems to Prisma. Formas transferred all of their ongoing grants during the spring of 2018. In contrast to the applications made directly in Prisma, it is not possible to open these transferred applications, nor the contracts or general terms and conditions of the grant.

Extending the disposal period, change project manager or administrating organisation, are all requests done electronically through your account. Click here for more information on how.

I already have an account in Prisma, but cannot see my ongoing grants which were approved before 2015.

Contact Prisma support and inform them of which e-mail address is linked to your account in Prisma. You also need to send information on the grant’s administrating organisation, funding body as well as reference number. We can then link your account with your grant, so that you can see it on the page “Applications and grants.”

I have had a grant from the Swedish Research Council, Forte or Formas, why am I unable to see it in Prisma?

Only ongoing grants have been transferred to Prisma from the older application systems of Forte, Formas and the Swedish Research Council. That is, grants with upcoming payments or demand for reporting. Concluded grants have not been transferred to Prisma.

Project site/unit has been changed

Project site or unit is administered by the administrating organisation. When ongoing grants were converted from the old system at SRC, Formas and Forte into Prisma, they had no project site connection. The administrating organisations then proceeded to allocate each grant to a site/unit/subunit. This may be done at any time. The funding body (SRC, Forte or Formas) have no access to the organisational accounts. Please contact the administrators of your organisational account at your administrating organisations.