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Start and general functionality

The start page of My profile

  1. To switch languages in Prisma, click På svenska/In English.
  2. For questions and to contact the support, click Help.
  3. For more information about Prisma, click Information.
  4. On each page there is an information text detailing the contents of the page.
  5. On each tab, there is an information text detailing the contents of the pages on the tab.
  6. All tables can be sorted and filtered. To sort and/or filter the contents, click the arrow next to each column. Choose Filter to decide which value the columns if filtered on. Under Select values to show you may, in some tables, select whether you only want to show certain values.
  7. Click on Saved filters to name and save your current filter, and to open previously saved filters.
  8. Click Clear filters to clear the current filter setting.
  9. Each table has more columns available aside from the ones visible. To change which columns that are visible, click the button Columns and select which columns to show, then click Show/Hide.
  10. To export the contents of a table, click the Excel-button. The table will be exported using the current sorting and filtering.

Application drafts

The table Drafts includes all your application drafts, in ongoing and closed calls for proposals. Both where you are the project leader or a participant (participating researcher or administrator). Once an application is registered, it is removed from this list and available in the list under the tab Applications and grants, and then Applications in the left-hand menu.

In the column Date you can see the creation date for the draft, in the column Reg No you may click on the text Draft to open the application form. In the column Due date you can see the deadline for submitting the draft.


The table Tasks is used for important messages and tasks where you need to perform something in Prisma. For instance new decisions are posted here, and there is a button Details for you to read the decision.

You will also receive tasks that prompt a response from you, for instance when you need to sign something, make a report or if you have review tasks in Prisma. In this case, click the button Details to access the task.


The list Notifications contains both personal messages regarding different tasks or applications that you have in Prisma. It can also contain general information from the funders in Prisma, for instance when a new call for proposals is open. Personal messages can for instance be when a decision has been made on a request, or when the administrating organisation has signed your application.

Click Remove to remove the messages once you have read them.

Event log

Click on the tab Applications and Grants and then on the heading Applications to the left. Click on the button Event log found to the right of the application in question.

A table with all actions taken on your application is shown. This is where actions such as the initiation of an application or registering of an application is logged, as well as initiation of a request.