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Personal details

Personal details

The page Personal details is available on the tab My profile. By clicking on Event log you can see the events on your account, for instance when your personal information has been updated.

It shows the personal information that you added when you registered your account in Prisma. By clicking Edit you can edit your personal information.

The Personal details page is opened in edit mode

Once the page Personal details has been opened in Edit-mode you may edit your personal information. You may also change your e-mail, your "user name" in Prisma. Enter the desired new e-mail address in the field E-mail, the verification field is then activated. Write the same e-mail address in that field to verify that it is correct. Click Save to save your changes.

If you have previously only added a birthdate and want to add your personal number, tick the checkbox I have a Swedish personal number to display the personal number field.

Your Swedish personal number is the only field that you cannot edit yourself. You can, however, click the button Change personal number to send a request to change it.

The new personal number window is opened

Enter the new personal number and click the button Send. Your request will then be processed by the Prisma support. Once the change has been approved, the new personal number will be visible on your profile in Prisma.

Updated: 2019-09-12


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