Prisma logotyp

Password and SWAMID

Password settings in Prisma

When you register your account in Prisma, with our without SWAMID, you will receive an activation e-mail that contains login-information. The included password is generated automatically. By navigating to the tab My profile, and then Password settings in the left-hand menu, you can change the password to one of your choice. Fill in the current password, the new password twice and then click Change password.

If you have connected your account to SWAMID, you may use this password or SWAMID to login, once you have logged in there is no difference in the user experience.


Under the tab My profile and then SWAMID accounts in the left-hand menu, you can administer your SWAMID-accounts. If you created your account using SWAMID, this SWAMID-connection will be visible under SWAMID accounts. It can be removed, for instance if you change your employer and need to use another account with SWAMID. It is also possible to use several SWAMID-accounts at once.

If you created your account without SWAMID and wish to connect it at a later date, click Login with SWAMID. Once you have logged in, you will be given the option to connect your Prisma-account to SWAMID. Once connected, the account will be listed on this page.

If your employer is not listed among the organisations available in SWAMID, contact them to make sure that you are attached to SWAMID.

Updated: 2016-06-21


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