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General information about the Prisma CV

The Prisma CV is placed under the tab My profile, and divided between several menu selections in the left-hand menu. On the pages Educational history, Professional history, Merits and awards and Intellectual property you add your CV-merits. The publication list is described in more detail in chapter Publications.

The additions you make in your CV database under My profile is added to your profile, but they are not added automatically to applications that you create in Prisma when you apply for a grant. To be included in the application, they must be transfered to the application on the tab CV in the application form. This is described in more detail in chapter CV and publications.

Adding Educational history

The entries in Educational history have the same basic functionality. Below, Research education is used to exemplify.

Research education

Click Add to add a research education.

The form is opened


Start by typing the name of the organisation in the field Find organisation. The system will suggest an organisation. Click on Select and the chosen organisation will be added to the left. If you cannot find the required organisation, please click on Create new organisation and follow the steps on how to create an organisation in the same way as creating an employer below.

Use the date picker under Examination date to choose the date when all the requirements for the degree was fulfilled. Under Subject you will find the SCB codes describing your field. They can be specified in three levels. Under Type you may choose type of degree. Click on Save when finished.

Adding your professional history

The categories Employments, Post-doctoral assignments and Research exchange assignments under this heading Professional history work basically the same. The category Employments is used to exemplify how you add and edit your professional history.

Further down the categories Interruptions in research and Expert areas are also described in more detail.


On the page Professional history you add your Employments, Post-doctoral assigments, Research exchange assignments and Expert areas. All these different types are handled the same way. We exemplify by adding an employment. Add a new employment by clicking the button Add.

Employment in edit-mode

Start typing in the field Find employer (if you for example write UU the organisation Uppsala University will appear since it is the abbreviation, the same if you start typing Upp...). Click on Select to make your choice and the information will be saved to the left. If you have previously added entries into this category, the employer from that entry is preset and you can choose to Copy it for the new position with the same employer. If it is the present position (even if it does have a end date in the future, please click in the box by Present. The fields End date will disappear.

Creating an employer

New employer

Choose the Country and Type of employer in the drop down-menus. Write the Name of the employer. Click Save to add your employer.

A new post is added in the table Employments

Add employer

A summary of the added entry is visible in the table. By clicking Select you can make changes to the entry. You may Edit it, if you want to make changes. Select Delete it if you want to remove it.

You may also select Copy, in which case a new Employment-entry is created that is identical to the selected one. This is useful if you wish to add a new entry where most of the information is the same.


Under the heading Employer* to the left you see the current chosen employer for which you add more information below on type of employment. If you wish to choose a new employer start typing in the field to the right Find employer. Once you have found the employer and chose institution, click on Save choice. The chosen employer will move to the left and replace the previous entry. Continue to fill out the information below.


Fill out the required fields marked with an *. The employment you have clicked Present for is the employment that will be visible on the front page of the application. If you have several on-going positions, click Present for the one you prefer to have on the first page of your application.

Interruptions in research

To add an interruption in research, click the button Add.

The form is opened

Add a Start date, an End date and a Description. Then click Save to add the entry. This entry may be edited and deleted in the same way as all other CV-entries.

Start by selecting an organisation, then add all the mandatory fields marked with a (*). Finally, click Save to save the entry.

Adding Merits and awards

Add supervised persons by clicking "Add supervised person" or "Add group". Use the function "Add group" if you have supervised a large number of persons and do not wish to specify their individual names.

Adding supervised persons

2.3.4 Adding supervised persons_1

Click Add supervised person or Add group to add a new entry. Below is the form for Add supervised person demonstrated.

The form is opened

2.3.4 Add supervised person_2

Type your organisation as a supervisor in the field Find organisation. When you start typing, the system will try to automatically find the organisation for you. Click on Select and the name of the organisation will be saved to the left. If you do not find the organisation, click on Create new organisation.

Repeat the same procedure for the organisation relevant to the person you have supervised.

Fill out the required fields for the person. Click on Save.

Research grants awarded in competition

Add grants awarded in competition_1

Any projects that previously have been granted in Prisma will be added automatically. Older projects from Formas, Forte or the Swedish Research Council has not yet been converted or migrated to Prisma.

Click on the button Add to add a new entry.

The form is displayed


If you have previously added a grant and wish to add a new one from the same Funder, click on Copy.

The fields marked with a (*) are mandatory. In the field Applicant, you should write the name of the main applicant. If you are the main applicant, fill out your own name and in the field Your role, choose Applicant. If you are co-applicant choose Co-applicant, the field Sub amount (SEK) will become accessible. Fill out your part of the total project grant if applicable, otherwise write the same sum as in Total amount (SEK).

When you have filled out all the information, click the button Save to add the entry.

Awards and distinctions

Awards and distinctions_1

The form for specifying the award/distinction opens.

Award and distinctions_2

Click on Country to choose the country where the award/distinction was granted. Fill out the name of the particular award/distinction in the field Name of the award/distinction, and the name of the organisation that issued the award in the field Issuer.

Both Awards and distinctions and Other merits are entered by adding a year for the merit, and then adding a description of your choice.

Adding intellectual property

Add an intellectual property-entry by clicking Add.

The form is displayed

First add a Type of intellectual property, then add all the other mandatory information marked with a (*). Once you have added all the information, save the entry by clicking Save.