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Signing overview

Signing overview

To view a summary of the signing tasks available on the organisation account, navigate to the page Signing overview.

In the table Signing overview you can see a summary of all the signing tasks available on the organisation. In the column Type you can see which type of task it is (for instance signing of a an application or a request). In the column Due date you can see the deadline for performing the signing task. In the column Assigned to you can see which folder the task has been associated with. In the column Reminded you can see whether you have sent any reminders to the users responsible for performing the task.

The person who is main responsible for signing for this organisation, as well as the organisation supervisor, can remind the users reponsible for signing by selecting the application and clicking Remind.

A reminder is sent by e-mail to all the users that are associated with the folder where the signing task has been placed. The reminder is also visible as a message on the user's personal account in Prisma.

Signing structure

To build and manage the signing structure, and to associate users with different folders, navigate to the page Signing structure.

Under Signing you can edit the structure. Add a folder by clicking Edit at the top of the structure, next to Signing. Add a subfolder by clickin on Edit next to the folder under which you want the subfolder to be placed.

The window to edit the structure is opened

Enter the folder/subfolder name in the field Name and click Add to add the new folder/subfolder in the structure. The new folder/subfolder is saved when you click Add. The added folder is placed last in the list. You can change the order of the folders by drag and drop, click and hold the folder name in the list and drag it to the desired position.

Add the desired number of folders/subfolders and click Close to close the window and return to the structure.

Associate users with a folder by clicking Edit next to the folder/subfolder.

The window to edit a folder is opened

To associate users with a folder, click Edit at the top of the window. To associate users with a subfolder, click Edit to the right of the folder name.

The window Edit is opened

Select a user in the list of users on the organisation account, and then click Add. You can write the name of the user to search for a specific user. If you want to add several users, repeat the same process. Note that the added users are saved when you click Add. Click Close to close the window. To remove a user, click Delete next to the user's name.

Delete a folder by clicking the downward arrow next to the folder/subfolder, then click Delete. You will receive a question if you are sure that you want to remove the folder/subfolder. Click OK.

Note that you can only delete folders that have no applications associated with them.

Distribution of applications to folders

In the list Applications you can see all the applications with signing tasks. The person that is responsible for the function singning on the organisation account distributes the applications to folders/subfolders, to which responsible people are associated. Signing tasks are then placed in the correct folder. Select one or more applications by ticking the boxes on the left-hand side, select a folder below Distribute to folder and click Distribute. To view the distributed applications, you can either filter on the column Assigned to, or click on the folder name in the signing structure. The applications associated with the folder are then visible in the the list Applications.