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Log in via SWAMID seems to be down, how do I log in to my account?

Click on the blue button Log in if you are experiencing problems with the SWAMID login and use the password received when you created the account. You can also click on Forgot your password? and a reset link will be sent to your e-mail account, allowing you to choose a new password.

I am unable to login through SWAMID even though my organisation is in the list of registered organisations

You must first connect your account to SWAMID (unless you created it with SWAMID at the start). Once you have created and activated an account in Prisma you can connect it to your SWAMID login. Please click here for instructions.external link

Prisma says that I already have an account when I try to log in with SWAMID

It is likely that you have already created an account that has never been activated. For example, when you accept an invitation to participate in an application, an account is created with minimal information. This account must be activated and finalised before you can start using Prisma. If this is the case, find the activation message you received via e-mail when the account was first created.

What is SWAMID?

SWAMID is a federated login service for higher education institutions in Sweden provided by Sunet. If your employer is connected to SWAMID, you can use SWAMID to connect the account you use with your employer to your Prisma account. This will then allow you to log into Prisma with the same login information as you use with your employer. SWAMID is voluntary and you are free to use Prisma without SWAMID.

You must still create and activate an account in Prisma to be able to log in with SWAMID.

Updated: 2020-09-07



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