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Organisation account

Apply for organisation account


It is mandatory to have an organisation account for all organisations that wish to administrate projects in Prisma. If you do not have an organisation account, applicants will not be able to select your organisation as an administrating organisation when registering their applications.

1. Click on Apply for organisation account.

The Apply for organisation account window is opened

2. Fill out all the information. All fields marked with (*) are mandatory. 

3. Tick the I am not a robot box.

4. Click on the button Send.

Your application will be considered, and if approved your organisation account will be created and activated.The application will be considered by the funders, a process that may take several weeks. Before the organisation account application has been granted, applicants in Prisma will not be able to select your organisation in their application. If the applicaiton is approved you will receive a notice about this through e-mail.

If you do not have a personal account in Prisma yet, you will be prompted to create one using the e-mail address that you used in your application.


If your application is approved, you must add at least one project site to the organisation in order for applicants to be able to select your organisation for their application.